Saturday, 6 February 2016

Embracing -28°C

ZARA knit

A lot has gone into the first week of February and now it’s almost time to start packing for fashion week (jokes, I panic pack only when I get the message ‘Sandra, Your Uber is arriving now). But in my head I’m a great packer, in fact I am packing now, 90% of the time I constantly pack. Unpacking is still something I’ve never really done, my life is mostly shifting things around from suitcase to suitcase, however you are just as bad right? I dream of one day becoming an unpacker, serious organisation goals. 

ANYWAY, let’s talk about the shoes I’ve bought lately! Burberry’s patchwork boots were not the first pair I’d thought that I’ll be splurging on. However, then came the sales, the further markdowns and the intervention between me any myself about how much black I wear and how nice it would be to have a colourful overknee boot, you know to wear with all black? One click later I ordered a pair that really should have made it into last years ‘shoe of the month’. But, I’ll get a lot joy out of you boots, I hear NYC in covered in snow so my (alarmingly and rapidly growing) SS16 shoe collection will have to stay boxed for a few more weeks.

So, sale buys, winter favourites and my cosiest coats it is for my NYFW wardrobe, most likely worn all at once, if I understood the weather forecast correctly. These are the times I thank my Finnish roots, nothing prepares you for a (not so) dramatic +3°C better than experiencing -28°C. 

Pictures by Jere Hietala

Monday, 1 February 2016

Dry Clean Only

Swimsuit season, is that you? Nope, but for a blogger there is no such thing. It’s ‘force yourself on a holiday whenever you get the chance.’ However, make sure you create a hell load of content while you have turquoise pools and iconic (read: photogenic) backdrops. So I did! I managed to tick off one destination from my ultimate travel list, Moroccan, La Mamounia to be exact. But more about this on a later post, where I will show you more of what Pinterest dreams are made of. 

I have by accident become a swimsuit person. Somewhere in between me giving up on tanning goals inspired by J.LO and discovering resorts where you are supposed to spend literally 24h a day by the pool (Ibiza), I discovered the importance of luxury swimsuits. In all honesty, these have nothing to do with practicality, nor are they really meant for swimming. They are simply meant to look damn good. These wonder pieces works for you like a corset, so you can order the fish tacos as a side to your Bloody Mary lunch. Last years enlightenment moment was brought to you (and me) by Agent Provocateur, remember Marnee? That piece continues to have a 100% success rate, I’ll let your imagination explain what I really mean with that. This years version turns up the heat with a promiscuous cut-out, meet Remmi. Now I can hear eyes rolling, however, am I not correct to point out that this piece covers way more than your bikini does? That’s right…

Now part two of borderline appropriate pool-wear is brought to you by Victoria’s Secret. I’ve had my up’s and down's with mesh, a material that can so easily go horribly wrong. However,  I’m channeling more of a 90’s surf girl stranded on a yacht than a teenager on a Hot Topic shopping spree. Accessorise only with free flying hair in a constant, damp combover and avoid extensive sun exposure unless you are prepared for questionable tan lines. Unfortunately this one will not hold you in like the mistress swimsuit discussed above, but it will give you the best, barbie like arms. Now that’s important too, as it is indeed February and most are embracing the #winterbod.

So while we continue to push through another depressingly dark month, there is nothing that will get you through like full denial and a look at something so irrelevant as my favourite swimsuits of 2015, you’ve served me well. I’m both eager and slightly terrified to see what the new year will bring me in terms of swimsuit preferences. But hey, bring it. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Shoe of the Month: Manolo Blahnik 'Hangisi 105mm'

seasonal hand painted version in 105mm | or shimmer textile version

First and foremost, when I was done writing this post, I came across something that threw me off, and quite frankly had me rewrite most of this post! I bought my pair of the Manolo Blahnik ‘Hangisi’ pumps in Saks, NYC, back in October. While I have loved my pair of what I thought was the highest heel from the Hangisi collection, turns out I was wrong - twice! Incredibly enough these pumps are produced in 7 different heel heights (why?!) So let’s take a little more in-depth look at the wiiiiide range of Hangisis…

It’s that time of the month again, to talk about another amazing must have shoe. With embarrassment I admit that I only got the Hangisi pumps a few months ago, Carrie I apologise! Truth is that I always found them extremely beautiful, but so, or even too festive,  with the diamonds, satin and all. However, that is of course the beauty of this pair and they look nothing short from amazing dressed down with a floor length coat stolen from the man in your life, unbrushed hair and sold RBF (resting bitch face) à la The Olsen twins (grande Starbucks cup optional).

The shoe, which is of course known as the pair Big proposed to Carrie with in her new wardrobe (who needs a ring anyway) comes in a variety of colours, you could literally build a shoe rainbow encrusted in diamonds with the Hangisi collection, something I imagine every Hollywood housewives dreams are made of. I am wearing the 105mm in this post, which is the best seller from the range, other personal favourites include grey, green and cobalt blue (I want to be Carrie so bad). The mule version have a ‘so out it’s in’ vibe about them, am I right? D’Orsay and a slingback (named Cassia) are also in production, although they look a bit outdated, the flats I could get on board with if I wore flats, I don’t so let’s just drop that thought right away.

Much like the Valentino Rockstuds, the style secret with this pair is the dressing down option, letting opposites attract, unless you in fact are attending your own wedding. Keep the styling minimal (I say that a lot) and try them with a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, live the wet dream of a street-style photographer. Also a power suit works wonderfully, nothing like a little androgynous mind game to balance out the contrast perfectly - Let the likes of Olivia Palermo paint that picture for you.

But what makes these ballroom shoes so wonderful, beside the fact that Manolo himself is a DARLING and the nicest person I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, is the amazing comfort. I don’t know if it’s the satin or the ideal overall shape, but they fit your feet like socks. However, tread carefully as they are unsurprisingly not as durable as leather. With that said, I think I just found my wedding shoe…. The most important thing of the big day sorted, right?

Comfort: 5/5
Surprisingly comfortable, easy to walk in and have a great grip. The soft leather lining and satin upper adjust perfectly to your feet.
Quality: 5/5 
Stunning finish in every detail, the shoes look like a million bucks (price not far from that) The downside is that the embellishment can scratch the satin of your opposite shoe when in use, so please be careful! Make sure you are not wearing these on the night your gay friend drags you to Vauxhall at 3am.
Purchase price: $965 at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, October 2015.
The price varies from £650 - £695 depending on the finish and style. The price range is quite narrow and the cost is surprisingly enough the same for all of the heel heights. For London based readers, I recommend checking out the amazing selection at Libery in store, (Mr. Blahnik's favourite store). Click to Harrods or Harvey Nichols for the best online range. US based readers, your best bet is checking BergdorfSaks 5th Avenue or Barneys.
Sizing: Runs true to size.
I bought these in a 37, my usual size, size-wise they run similar to Valentino.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Flowers in January

Don’t talk to me about winter… People in London are complaining about the cold weather, where as I just came from a -28 degree Finland (not even joking). London with it’s long days and dry streets, practically feels like spring. I shot this stunning chiffon dream a while back in Paris before the Paul and Joe show. Wearing a ‘winter maxi’ as I like to call it, is a surprisingly (well maybe not worn as naked as above) valuable option, made possible by this amazingly weak winter. That’s what we do in January, bored with winter but not ready for spring, lost in the -70% sale section trying to make sense of these soon be purchases, thinking are they too seasonal or a good ‘I’ll-cherish-you-forever-buy’? I admit I have not mastered that skill just yet, but any piece that transform from a breezy summer dress to a layerable winter garment like this, is surely worth the splurge.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dark urges

My love and affection for Self-Portrait dresses was not left unclear for anyone in this pervious post, I’m planning to continue adoring his creations in the new year, I suggest you join me. But what I really wanted to brainstorm with you was the a certain shoe trend of the past year. 2015 was indeed the year where people seriously wore sneakers with not only cocktail dresses, but gowns. I’m pretty sure I saw someone get married in sneakers…… While I would like to kill of that trend, looks more like it will to die a very slow and painful death, that is if it goes away at all. Please excuse the negativity, I tend to be a bit defensive when we are discussing heel highs.

But here I am again, championing the flatform - the gateway drug to flats, or so I thought. This pair has earned a surprisingly important place in my shoedrobe. Right now I just want to wear pointy stilettos or these. I want to wear them so much that I’m thinking about buying the 2016 version, unless there is a competing flatform that I need to check out? Let the heel lover know.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Happy New Year my dearest readers!

Hope you have recovered from the farewell party of 2015, due to the weird days this seasons festivities fell on, I can honestly claim that I have no idea what day it is today.  But there is always a Monday around the corner, that’s when the new year, new me will properly start.

So, let’s talk about something that has been my party wear hero of 2015, but so was it in 2014.. and 2013, basically, we go way back. I’m of course talking about jumpsuits, that will never grow old on me. Although I have a whole lot, just like my quest for new shoes, I never stop craving another onesie. Is it laziness that tend to navigate towards the jumpsuit where you literally zip yourself into a ready made outfit? I claim that it is the perfect outfit for dinners, dates, cocktail hours and any party, you are never too over or under dressed in a jumpsuit. With no strings attached, I’ve realised that a surprisingly large part of my jumpsuit collection is by fuelled by pieces from ReissThe ‘Oman’ has served me like a trooper, so good that I even bought the shorter version for some promiscuous nights. Best of all, the coveted jumpsuit assortment - all on sale.

Monday, 21 December 2015

November Beauty Favorites

L’OREAL PARIS Super Liner Ultra Percision eyeliner

I know, we are more than half way through December and I am hitting you with a post that should have been up weeks ago. However, in the middle of red toned lips, nails and well, everything, I thought it would be good to look back on a more natural look, with products from my favourite limited collections that you should make part of your make-up cupboard before they sell out!

This is a post dedicated to the nude and bronze toned palettes in my life, where I found a few gems in the new Dolce & Gabbana #DGLOVESFALL collection. This dusty rose tone that they make in matching nail lacquer, lipstick and eye cream, looks amazing worn all together as pictured, without the fear of too much pink (that a real fear that I live with). while I am quite easy with my lipstick choices, as long as they don’t have glitter, I’ve become quite selective with my nail polishes, the antique rose however is a beautiful alternative to the usual reds and if they are boring you this festive season. Think more retro snow angel than granny curtains and you’ll see what I mean. Eyeshadows will always remain the most tricky for me, which is why the Dolce & Gabbana mono eye cream is ideal for us amateurs, just dap it on with your finger before applying the eyeliner and mascara.

As for the bronzy, retro palettes, they are by Charlotte Tilbury, from her collaboration with Norman Parkinson that launched in July. I’ve spoken about the brand before, they offer such innovative and unique make-up collections that focuses of blush and brown tones, ideal as either a daytime smokey eye or to achieve a golden glow. I used the 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ for contouring, it is a little lighter and more powdery in texture than the Tom Ford ‘Shade and Illuminate’ that I included in the June post. The bronze tone gives a amazing glow, however this one works best on a yellow skin tone. I used the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson ‘'Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ for contouring, the Tom Ford bronzer for a light top-up under the cheekbones and finished the look with the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson 'Dreamy Glow Highlighter’. The retro lipstick that I did not use in this post is also from the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson collection and called ‘Miss Kensington’, sold in a set.

You would think I included the eyeliner to match with the colours (that is totally something I would do) but it is in fact my all time favourite beauty buy that I find myself going back to every time. It is by L’Oreal and the best felt tip eyeliner on the market, guaranteed to stay put all night. It will last you months, even with my daily consumption. When it starts to run out, I simply put one drop of water in the tube and you will be able to stretch out, literally, the last drop.